Toes for the Holidays

Well, the stay up late and watch Love Actually while painting my toes in some sort of ugly sweater/holiday/random/festive fashion continues. Even though I really didn’t watch the movie because I was sitting in a hunched quasi yoga position trying to get my face as close to my feet as possible. Good thing I pretty much have it movie memorized. And good thing for wine.

Maybe that explains the Santa Belt toes.

Anywho, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to top last year’s toes (it’s that white sand and that snowglobe. Gosh, photographing my feet at the beach was so much easier and less awkward-looking) – But these still are pretty amusing, and cozy sweats and a throw that my dog pretty much lives on aren’t THAT far off from a barefoot on a white sandy beach backdrop, right?

I do have a jar of sand I packed when we moved. Who knows, maybe I’ll just dump it on the floor for the next nail art post. But then I’d have to clean it all up and risk wasting some of it.

Ok, enough grinch-ing. These suckers are cute and festive, here’s an attempt at directions.

Happy Holiday toes (that are missing the beach)

*Pick one and paint all of your toes, or try them all. Either way, I started nail art by just learning how to do polka dots, and…here we are. Moral of this diversion – give it a shot.

* Tools: I invested in a l’il nail art kit similar to this a few years ago, and I pretty much use Zoya and Julep polishes and throw in some Essie every now and then. Opaque stuff = the good stuff. Colors I used: white, blue, red, charcoal, gold, and metallic green. 

• For the Buffalo plaid nailsI just did this  – SUper easy & ends up looking super cozy.

• For the Blue trees – Paint nails white, then the little trees go all over the place. They are just little brush swoops that get longer the further down the tree you go, with a little vertical line as the stump. They do not have to be perfect. I kind of like ’em a little scribbly.

Say bah-humbug …and just paint some toes a really cool gold matte metallic. I used Zoya Pixie Dust in Godiva

• For the Ornaments = Grab a dotting tool, some green and white polish, then paint a few big dots in each color. Go in and paint some tiny white dots in the background, and red stripes on the white dot, and finish ’em off with some little gold dots on top of the big dots for the ornament topper dealios. (This will make you go crosseyed)

Drink a glass of wine, and cry at the scene when the guy’s friend plays silent NIght and flips through the cards for Keira Knightley and finish them off with…

• Santa Belt Toes: Paint half the nail white and half the nail red. Now go in and paint the belt, which is a black stripe in the middle, and the buckle – which is a gold rectangle with a little line coming out of the middle.

Let polish dry then seal the deal with a glossy topcoat (except for the gold polish toe)

Watch the rest of the movie and cry again when Aurelia says yes to Colin Firth because they each learned each other’s languages…

Then turn on another Holiday rom-com and maybe paint your fingernails.

Fun times.

Yay for Holiday traditions, however odd they might seem.

More Nail Art aqui.

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