Winter Solstice Mood

Winter Solstice is a few days away and it just has me in a kind of mood that’s hard to put a finger on it.  It’s one full of juxtapositions: wanting to workout out non stop, but also just wanting to curl up and binge watch movies. Wanting to stay in sweats, but also excited I (gasp) actually have a holiday party to go to this year (will do my best to actually document the outfit). Wanting to go booze free the rest of the year, but also wanting a really good glass of expense Cabernet. Or four. Always craving fresh air, even if it’s cold, but also love turning up the thermostat up one degree.

It’s just a festive yet lazy, dark, yet colorful and sparkly time of year.

Which means it’s perfect for a mood board.

Hope you like the one I whipped up today while sipping on a peppermint mocha in a coffee shop, and listening to some good tunes. Which in this time of life is quite a luxury.

Speaking of good tunes, I’m just on a folk/singer songwriter kick lately. It just does SO much more for my soul this time of year than Mariah Carey’s Christmas. The following artists are on repeat: Gregory Alan Isakov (His voice and words are heavenly), The Oh Hellos, Joy Williams, and Mandolin Orange:  I made a playlist with some of my favorites for y’all over on my spotify – It’s a gooood one. 

So, on that note, I say Cheers to Winter Solstice. We salute your crazy vibe and lack of sunlight. Going to still get outside, rain, snow or shine, say to hell with it and rock rock something sparkly, or a chunky knit, or head to toe flannel, drink some more peppermint mochas (with or without schnapps), keep my twinkle lights on all day long, dance in my living room to some good tunes, and at the end of the day either go to bed early, or watch a few movies with zero guilt.

Then repeat. Because we all know it’s not just one really long dark day. The next day is lighter by a few…seconds

And maybe make another mood board.

* None of the photos in the mood board are mine (I found them all over on Pinterest) Sending a (hopefully not too awkward) bear hug and peppermint mocha to each person behind each image. You’re inspiring, and I hope you know it.

More mood boards aqui // And for those who’ve asked, I make all of these in photoshop. I need to start saving old magZines so I can make an OG cut and paste one next.

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  • I love all of this! The words, the mood board, and the playlist!! Thank you!! Bring on the playlists and mood boards! Happy Christmas, solstice, and new year!! xoxo