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This really isn’t anything groundbreaking, or super thought-provoking (even though I have a LOT on my mind these days) but, I know people come here for colorful, wabi-sabi, beach-inspired, comfy style…which I’ve been rocking a lot these days for the audience of my husband my son and my pup. So here are a few highlights.

Sorry, most of these are me recycling my Instagram pics, but when slapped together it kind of sums up how clothing and pops of color don’t have to make sense and can be quite a mood booster.

Ok, I (emotionally impulse) some tie-dye silk pillowcases. So those are in there too. Because they make me really excited to hit the sack. Also, it’s been gorgeous in Seattle lately. We’re talking 70 degrees with zero clouds. So you bet yer bums I slapped on some swimwear for a quick Vitamin D break. Of course, as I write this the rain is rolling in. Oops.

Hang in there, and remember to rock some colorful stuff while you’re at it.
Bonus points if there’s some neon or aloha print in there too.

Ready for some links? here ya go…

Aviator Nation Sweats + Janessa Leone Alara Hat + Lucchese Boots

Raen sunnies + Aviator Nation ninja hoodie

Cleobella Robe/kimono 

Cleobella Shell Bag + Mother Denim Jeans

Made By Dawn Bikini + Jemma Sands, Amy Grace + Clam & Clasp jewels

Sueno Made Pillowcases + Puka Perri Necklace 

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