A Big One

So, a few weeks ago I taped a big ‘ol 22 x 30-inch piece of watercolor paper to my desk. I’d been staring at this blank piece of paper for almost 6 months, mainly because I was pretty much intimidated by it. Yes, paper intimidates me.

Then, a perk of being stuck at home…each day I painted a flower on it…and another…and another. As days went by, I’d sneak to my office for a few minutes to add a few more blooms – some big, some small, some detailed, and some little blobs. Until finally, the paper ended up getting all filled up with blooms. It is just a big colorful tropical vibe mess. And it makes me happy.

This is the biggest piece of art I’ve created since I graduated from college and painted on huge canvases in my parent’s basement while I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. Fast forward 17  years and the life confusion is still there and going strong, but man there’s something about painting on a larger scale that I didn’t realize I’ve missed.

So I think this sucker will be called Tropical Splash. I just had to drop it off to get scanned at my local printer so I can turn it into posters (Or maybe a sarong) for you all soon. And another big slab of paper was taped onto my desk today.

Tropical flowers are good for the soul. I say, try to take a few minutes out of each day to paint a few. Who knows what you will end up creating.

Yay art.

Art shop (will be sure to get this in there once I get it scanned): goldfishkissgoods.com 


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