Just a glimpse

I’ve never really attempted to take a picture while painting and get asked for them from time to time. So here’s an attempt at a few. Of course, they’re made better when a certain kiddo who built a fort by my desk decided to pop in and say whasssup.

Life just has a different kind of beauty these days: Sitting in a beach chair in our back yard and playing fetch with my pup while having my morning cup of coffee. Having Levi make a fort in my car in the garage while I get a workout in, introducing him to lots of Classic Rock and having some great jam/dance sessions in the living room, making an outdoor library on sunny days, backyard wiffleball, the peace and gratitude when I work at night after everyone’ gone to sleep, and of course, on-call art lessons whenever Levi asks or shows interest.

Honestly. I’m losing track, but each day presents it’s own opportunities, and as much as I attempt to plan stuff out, just rolling with it seems to be working.

Of course there’s lots of staring blankly into space, guilt, craving the beach and ocean, 4-year-old meltdowns, quarantine marriage, and just wondering what the eff is going on too.

La vie est belle. Crazy and different and groundhog day-esque, but still, oh so belle.

Hope you like the pics. There’s just something about a no-fuss, messy, black and white portrait that gets me.

Rails Hunter shirt and that greasy lived-in hair is doused in this Rahua leave-in conditioner I love too. 




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