Messy Hair Don’t Care

Quarantine Hair. It comes in many different forms: greasy, or multiple washes a day, air dried, last styled a few weeks ago, roots, sparklers, it’s not normal by any means, or maybe it is. Whatever your quarantine hair situation looks like, I say embrace the mess.

And figured I’d list out some tips for these interesting, or shall I say hairy, times.

• If you’re contemplating coloring your own hair I can’t stress enough to use semi-permanent color, and don’t attempt any bleach jobs. I’ve attempted at home highlights (my college roommate and I even used foils in the dorm one night) and looked like a Troll Doll with polka dot hair. Ok, back to semipermanent color: I was told this one by Clairol would work, and to make sure I used an ash color to touch up my roots/cover my sparklers. The only thing is I’m tempted to just douse my own head in the color because I don’t trust myself. It’ll eventually fade though, right?

• Bangs: It’s taking all my will power to not cut my own, which I’ve done in the past. With kitchen scissors. At midnight. And they turned out decent. My main tip though: go much longer than you think. There are a ton of tutorials on youtube. I like this one.

• There are a lot of women who are having to wash their hair twice a day, sometimes more. My main tip is to make sure you have a good leave-in conditioner. So wash and condition, then leave in some extra TLC for your hair. You’ll go through the product quickly, so a drugstore option I love is Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-in Conditioner. Then if you’re looking for a clean option, Rahua leave-in Treatment Light is one I just started using. It’s more of a balm and a little goes a long way, and my hair’s loving it. So I recommend that too. It also might be a good idea to once a week d a scalp treatment too. This one by Act and Acre is sweet.

• Embrace the air dry – there are some great in shower air stylers that I’ve tried and simply adore. My go-to is the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day In-Shower Styler, and the Joico Zero Heat Air Dry Styling Creme is great as well. Both leave your hair shiny with some volume and waves, and all you do is…air dry your hair. Hell yeah.

• It’s a great time to embrace the messiness of it all: Think, big ass top knots, little boho braids in that air-dried messy hair, loose braids, putting damp hair into loose braids so you have some waves, messy low chignons, hair knots, hair scarves, just view this time as a way to not stress and enjoy some low maintenance yet mood-boosting fun.

• Oh yeah, there’s also that MoroccanOil color depositing mask. (Which I think might be a necessary mood booster and hair boredom reliever. It’s a great time for pink/blue/purple/some type fun-hued hair, right? As long as it washes out. And keeps you from cutting your own bangs.

There you go. I hope this helps you embrace the mess.

Off to put in some little boho braids. These suckers are fun. I definitely recommend one right behind your ear.

Pics in Collage are all found on Pinterest in my hairspiration board.

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