Happy Lei Day

Lei Day couldn’t come at a better time…it’s such an amazing day to simply appreciate nature, slow down, and create something beautiful to give to someone. Seriously, is there anything you can make someone that’s more beautiful than a lei? I think not.

I wasn’t able to make one this year (queue heartbreak), but I lived vicariously through people in Hawaii posting pics and videos. And, of course, it makes me wish I was there, or at least dream about calling it home again someday. It’s one of those days that symbolizes so much of what I love and miss about living there: The sights, smells, simplicity, aloha spirit, and love for life shown by celebrating and appreciating each day in its own special way.

If only everyone’s pics could somehow be scratch n’ sniff too. A gal can dream, right. The best I can do is just spray Malie Plumeria room spray everywhere. It’s pretty darn close.

So, here are some pics from my mom’s birthday back at the beginning of March. I make her a lei each day on her birthday, and these were the quick iPhone snaps I took. Looking back, I’m just oh so glad I remembered to take a few.

If you’re in Hawaii, make a lei for me, any day. And if you are anywhere and stumble on about 65 blooms you could string on some floss…go ahead and make a lei any day too.

More about lei day here.

Hoa Kai x Goldfish Kiss Turkish Towel // Magnolia pearl Hanalei shirt from The Barn 808

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