Sniffspots For The Win

There’s an app/service/brilliant thing out there that’s immensely helped my life since I learned about it last year. It’s called Sniffspot. Think Airbnb, but with people’s acreage where they let you take your dog. Some spots are as simple as a person’s backyard, but, if you’re up for a drive there are some pretty impressive and gorgeous spots. Think private ranches, mountain trails, farms, and my favorite so far: a little stretch along a river. It’s all land people own so you’re on there legally, and you don’t have to worry about any other people or pets coming. Unless you invite a friend and book another pup to come along with you.

It’s brilliant and I seriously get giddy whenever I make a booking. Plus it makes my heart sing just watching my pup be a pup in some wide-open spaces.

My pup, Kili is a blessing on four legs, but I’ll admit she is not perfect. She’s perfect for me, but as I said, not perfect. I can’t do dog parks anymore, and we used to find places to sneak out too, which you know was fun but also kiiiind of nerve-wracking too.

But Sniffspots take all the stress, work, and worry out of finding a great place to go explore and run with your pup. Trust me, the further you drive, the more amazing the spaces are. There are also reviews and all that stuff so you can research. Some hosts like to say hi and meet you, some just let you show up and cruise. Just pick up after your pup, be respectful, and it’s kind of a blast.

And there’s no one else around so it’s been a great way to still get out in nature during lockdown/quarantine and still do the whole social distancing-smishtancing thing too.

If you have a pup. Check it out. Bring lots of treats and water and be prepared to think to yourself, “man, what a great invention.” Then go give your pup some love.

Oh yeah, if you have some land, a yard, ranch, etc, you can also host a sniff spot too. Anyone with a private ranch overlooking the cascades/Mt. Rainier or on some island I can drive to, I’m talking to you.

And whoever invented Sniffspot, if you ever read this, thank you, thank you, thank you. And Kili sends a few kisses too. // @sniffspots on instagram // Sniffspot on FB

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