I got a little sidetracked during

I got a little sidetracked during my beach run today. And rightfully so. These suckers were everywhere.

The last few days have been a blast: fun waves after the hurricane, and now gorgeous Lake of Mexico water with shells everywhere.

I even found a little shell chart in the local activities/things to do/free newspaper dealio that helped me name these beauties.

So here you go. Pictured above are:

Lettered Olives (skinny ones in my hand)
Common American Auger (super skinny pointy one)
Bonnets (the ones that remind me of macaroni)
Sunray Venus (big one on my thigh)
Imperial Venus (the one with deep grooves)
Scallop (checkered looking ones)
Banded Tulips (the mini conch shell fellas)
…and maybe a few more.

There you go. We all learned something new today. Unless you already know shell names, in that case please feel free to share your wisdom with me anytime.

Also, shelling aside, the beach workout today kicked my butt. I shall be sure to share that one soon.

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