He’s Two.


Well, it happened. Levi turned two. And I am just now mustering up the mental fortitude to write about it. I was constantly in between the states of total bliss or on the verge of tears for 24 hours straight. It was just an emotional day like that for me. I was even really quiet at times, (which always scares people that know me well.) Time flies. He’s getting so big. One second I’m smiling, the next I want to pick him up and only let him go so we can play “get you” aka I run after him and it’s instant belly laughs when I get him. You know, stuff like that that before two years ago, I had no clue of the resulting joy something so simple could provide.

Being a mom has just brought out this interesting side of me like that. It’s awesome. He’s awesome, and the feelings that go along with it all are just so damn hard to describe and deal with sometimes.

So figured I’d just list out some thoughts after celebrating year numero dos.

Levi got a GREAT birthday surprise, his first hurricane. Thankfully Nate was a small one, and we just swapped a sunny beach day for a REALLY windy and rainy quick beach outing to check out the waves (which were massive.) and weather.

His Birthday Cake. The only time I bake is for birthdays. I just prefer to bake a cake than buy one. It’s nothing fancy. Just a little Betty Crocker cake hack that’s foolproof and delicious: 1 funfetti cake mix, made as it tells you to on the box, but also add in a packet of vanilla jell-o. Frost with whatever you like, then add sprinkles, sprinkles, and more sprinkles. I make it into a layer cake, with, you guessed it, more frosting and sprinkles in the middle. It’s nothing pinterest worthy, but there’s rarely a slice left.

Levi ate about one bite of cake then proceeded to ask for watermelon. My husband was proud. I had an extra slice. Of both.

My husband and I actually wrapped gifts (I got Levi some fingerpaints and a paint brush set. I think he’s supposed to be 3 to use both. Go me.) We had to use packing tape to wrap the gifts. I felt like that was fitting for the past year.

I didn’t take a single picture while he was awake. Just one 10 second video on my camera. (I kinda avoided my phone like the plague yesterday), where he proceeded to blow out his candles (for the second time since I had no clue he knew how to blow out a candle, actually blew them out, and I was caught off guard)…which might be one of the cutest things ever. And a few pics when he zonked out for his nap rocking his shirt that just says, “two.” Thanks for the shirt mom.

It dawned on me that I have yet to fill out anything in his baby book, other than a list of baby shower gifts so I could write thank you notes. Which I have yet to write. Thankfully my friends get me.

I do, however have about two thousand pictures of him on my phone, that I looked through after he went to sleep last night. Yes I was fighting off tears. Tears won.

One day I hope to print out and frame at least 12 of those 2,500 + pics. The pics above will definitely hopefully be some of them.

At the end of the day, after everyone was asleep, I just laid in bed staring at the ceiling with so many thoughts running through my head. I have no clue what I am doing, but I am having fun and getting good a winging it. He is a two year old who gives great hugs, loves being outside, is active, and prefers watermelon to mom’s birthday cake. He loves animals, and is gentle and amazing with them. He’s feisty yet sweet, goes up to kids and gets about six inches in front of their face and says hi. He loves to laugh, and has pretty decent rhythm when dancing. I have yet to check out any mom or baby sites since week 40 of my pregnancy when I was wondering when the heck he’d arrive and if they assigned fruits to babies past their due dates. So I hope he’s on track. (Given our conversations and his sponge like ability to remember things lately, my answer would be yes.) And he loves the water, man oh man does he love the water.

Somehow I managed to shut down my brain after about thirty minutes of brain hamster wheel aerobics and get some sleep.

When it comes down to it, I just love my little dude so much that it’s incredibly awkward to try and put it into words. So I won’t even try.

In fact, I might just go watch him sleep for a minute. Then I might go grab one more slice of his cake. Yup sounds like a good plan.

Cheers to you, my little dude, who is now two. Mama is trying her best. And I really really hope you know how much I love you.

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