If you need yet another reason

If you need yet another reason to love flash tats. I present to you…Flash Tat-Toes. 

Yup. Keep those scraps around, because they can help spice up your toes quite a few notches in the coolness department. Big time. 

All you do is this:

Paint your toes whatever color you want. 

Let ‘em dry.

Meanwhile, cut up some of your leftover flash tat pieces to the size of your toe nails.

Now, apply them to your toes, just like you do on your skin. (I got a washcloth wet and pressed it on my entire foot for 10 seconds, then did the other foot. Worked like a charm.)

Seal with top coat.

Donezo. A cool pedicure doesn’t get much easier than that. 

*I did mine with a leftover inch of the cuff in the Zahra pack. There are some fun things you could do with the Goldfish Kiss pack too 🙂 

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