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Seeing that this is my first ever Mothers Day…as a mom, I wanted to take some time and highlight a few friends of mine, who are moms, that have totally inspired me. In fact, I am not sure if they know it, but I’ve been looking up to them for a while. They opened my eyes to different aspects of being a mom, and are rad ladies that just make me feel better about myself when I get to be around them. Or talk to them. Or even get a text. Even if it’s just an emoji.

So, I wanted to talk about some of these lovely ladies/Supermoms, how they’ve made a positive impact on me in the past few years, pick their brains, and well, I just like to brag about them and how freaking awesome they are with their kiddos. And life. Because I know they won’t brag about themselves. 

This should be fun. Here we go.


The adventurous mom – I first met Corinne Gold on a modeling job on Kauai that included such ho-hum activities like cliff jumping and zip-lining. Seriously fun two days of work. Ok, aside from being a model who cliff jumps and surfs, she is a mom of two adorable little girls, a photographer, wife, and she really reminds me of Joanna Gaines. If Joanna surfed. And jumped off cliffs. Corinne really opened my eyes to how much fun you can have as a mom. Yes, your life is different, but you just figure out how to bring the kiddos along for the fun. She still travels a lot, she gets in the water a ton, hikes, and does cool stuff. A few days before I moved away from Hawaii, a bunch of us went swimming with dolphins on the west side of Oahu. Well, she simply strapped her daughter, Ava, in her floatie, put her on her back, and everyone swam out together. Amazing. She paddleboarded with her littlest in an ergo, and…she needs more arms. If i ever seem like a fun mom, it’s because I got to see Corinne in action. 

When I asked her to tell me a quote or thought she had on being a mom, this is what she said: “It’s the best, though most challenging life changing experience I’ve had and has taught me to love with the deepest, most selfless kinda love. I thank my girls for giving me my life’s purpose and teaching me daily to put what is really important first, God and then family. When my walk with Him is going well, I’m a better mommy. Because they are my eyes and ears all day long, I’m constantly putting myself in check and for that I’m so grateful. They make me a better human. I love doing life with my girls and teaching or taking them on trips to show them about how big and beautiful our world is, yet also to be sensitive to the suffering in it. Mom life is rad, you are constantly learning and growing.”


The no excuses mom – Tessa Belker and I became friends back in college. We were even roommates for a bit after I graduated. It was during that time she really showed me the light in terms of healthy eating, consistent weight training, and getting my arse up in the AM to get to the gym. Fast forward a bunch of years…she’s now a mom of three, a personal trainer, and is in the best shape of her life. Yet, she has every excuse to be the exact opposite. Her oldest daughter had not one, but two bouts with brain cancer, she doesn’t have a lot of money, has chronic pain, and a lot on her plate. On days when I feel like curling up in a ball and having a pity party, I honestly say to myself…what would Tessa do? And I get up and squeeze in a 20 minute workout. The example she sets for her kids, her passion for health and fitness, and how she’s managed to help others is amazing. 

When I asked her to tell me a quote or thought she had on being a mom, and how she manages to still be so healthy through it all, this is what she said: “Being a mom is the greatest gift I could ever imagine! I had no idea you could love something so much! My three children are my world and they have taught me that life is too short to waste it on feeling tired and down. My oldest daughter is a two time brain cancer survivor that shows me every single day what it means to Never give up. I promised myself that I wouldn’t not let my own health go, because my three kids needed their mommy to be there for them. Through all the hard times my daughter’s motivation to get better was incredible! How could I make excuses if I was telling her she couldn’t quit? I chose to use her energy and stay healthy and fit just like she knew her mom to be. I had to go to the gym weird times and on weekends, because we practically lived in the hospital for two years. 

If I could give advice to anyone out there, it would be don’t let the stress of life control you. Everyday try to be a better person than you were yesterday. I have been personal training people for 13 years and everyone knows I do not take excuses very well. I chose to find the reasons why I want to be healthy not the reasons why I can’t be healthy. I am so incredibly passionate about what I do and wish I could pass that love for health and fitness to every person I meet. Happy Mothers Day!


The Graceful Mom – Rain and I met at a couples Bible Study about a year after I moved to Hawaii, and I immediately had a total woman crush. She’s just that creative, gorgeous, funny, always complimenting you type of gal. And she had the cutest little two yer old, Tewai, that made my heart melt when she called me Auntie. Fast forward five years, Rain now has three kiddos, and her youngest is just a week older than Levi. (Yup Lion and Levi.) So Rain showed me how beautiful being totally selfless can be. She seems to immerse herself into each moment with her kids, be totally present and there’s just something about how she is as a mom that is almost ethereal. Maybe it’s the constant smile, even though I know she has good days and bad days, maybe it’s how her kids hug her. Watching her made me want to be a mom. And do it with grace, beauty and style. Which she definitely has a ton of too. 

When I asked her to tell me a quote or thought she had on being a mom, this is what she said: “Motherhood is a beautiful humbling of ones self. It’s seeing the world as a child does. It’s a total self giving and receiving. It’s full of messiness and imperfect moments and it is in those moments where authentic love and grace are truly present. Motherhood is the greatest honor, the most beautiful blessing and the greatest love story our hearts will ever know.”


and finally…

My Mom – I mean how could I NOT include The Suzze? To be completely blunt. My mom rocks. I would not be the woman I am today if it weren’t for her, her sacrifices, selflessness, guidance, love, and a bazillion other things. I have to pull her aside when we go anywhere and beg her to not talk about my blog to people because she will strike up a conversation about it with anyone. No matter how much it embarrasses me. So yes, she’s quite the encourager too. She inspires me to always be young at heart, to keep my spirit growing, and to always be grateful and humble. I’ve never heard her say. “I’m too old”, and she can, and will, strike up a conversation with anyone. Anywhere. Even if it holds up the line at Starbucks. And we’ve made some close friends for life as a result. I hope I am a fraction of the mom that she is. And I still don’t know how she raised us four kids. Mom, I know you will read this at some point, and I forgot to mail you a card this year, so hope this post makes up for it 🙂 

When I asked her to tell me a quote or thought she had on being a mom, this is what she said (With a lot of emojis at the beginning and end. She loves emojis.): “Behold children are a gift of the Lord" Psalms 127:4 – This gift multiplies!!  Like abundant exquisitely wrapped beautiful packages to unwrap as life grows. Love love love, affirmation, nurturing, nesting, cuddling, providing, protecting, determination, trials, prayers, expeditions, adventures, waiting, wounds, healing, laughter, tears, triumphs, joys…just to name a few. “children make parents better adults”. Motherhood has been the best, most fulfilling, gratifying, joy filled, completing gift ever bestowed upon me!!!!!! (Paled only slightly by my husband, Jack, my knight in shinning armor) A very few thoughts to a very high calling. You 4 have made me the person I am today, I should be thanking you!

There you go. 

Happy Mothers Day. 

To new moms, old moms, soon to be moms, want to be moms, or just anyone who loves moms…thanks for all of the love and inspiration.

Now, go get a mimosa, go for a surf, take a nap, or do whatever it is that makes you heart do the macarena. 

Photos via Corinne GoldTessa Belker, and Rain Umu.

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