Just a Good ‘ol Playlist

I went on a run today and was just jamming out to some tunes. Not necessarily workout tunes. Just, you know, some good tunes that felt good for the soul and shaved a few seconds off my miles.

Music is medicine like that.

So here’s a bunch of jams I’m loving lately. Some are on pretty much all of my playlists, some are new, some I should’ve found years ago. But ooh yeah baby, they make my creative juices start a-flowin’, or make me want the singer to sing every thought that’s going on my head.

…or make me go down the black hole known as youtube music videos, which I just did for the past hour.

Ok, enough rambling. Here you go.

Just A Good ‘ol Playlist:

You can listen to it all Here (Did a nice little youtube playlist.)

01: “The Happy Song” – Otis Redding

02: “Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene” – Hozier

03: “Hey Hey What Can I Do” – Led Zeppelin

04: “Reggae Got Soul” – Toots and the Maytals

05: “Out Of Time” – Bradley Cooper

06: “River” – Leon Bridges

07: “Way Down We Go” – Kaleo

08: “Tangerine” – Led Zeppelin

09: “Gooey”- Glass Animals

10: “If You Want Me To Stay” – Sly and the Family Stone

11: “I Found” – Amber Run

12: “Coming Home” – Leon Bridges


…I’ll keep on adding to it.

Off to go listen to a few more songs. (Hallelujah for noise canceling headphones.)

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