Sunshine and Sweats

Days like this one fascinate me. We had a long gray/windy/cold/rainy streak, then boom…out of nowhere it was in the low 60’s, sunny, with no wind or a cloud in site. Aka a pinch me winter beach day.

And no one was at the beach.

Ok, there wasn’t anyone in our 100 yd radius. A few people walked by, and one gal on a paddleboard paddled on by.

Perks of Northwest Florida in the winter is that it kind of turns into a ghost town, and you can’t really predict days like these, but they rock. I jump all over them, lose track of time, and as we’re leaving I squeeze Levi and say a prayer thanking Jesus for these beaches and that we get to do this.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this highlight reel 2.5 hour beach outing. It was almost medicinal. So in traditional fashion, I took some pics (too many of the sweats since I was having a stylin’ mama moment/good hair day) …and had to share.

Hope you enjoy them. The colors, and Belly laugh one make me happy.

Cheers to sunshine and sweats.

On Me: Monrow Supersoft Vintage Sweats, and thermal top, Haze sunglasses (these were a gift, but it’s a really sweet line of sunglasses worth checking out), and a really good hair day.

On Levi: Seaesta Surf Boardshorts ( Collab with them coming this year) + Lucky we Live Hawaii x Goldfish Kiss Kids Tee (which is quite the conversation starter, especially in airports. And don’t be alarmed by his arms, he just really likes to draw on himself.)

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