Colorful Chaos

Here’s the latest from my messy desk. Or shall I call it my three feet of organized colorful chaos.

The first painting… is keeping the “Painting places I want to go to someday” theme alive. I believe the pic that inspired it was taken at Byron Bay. Yep, that’s on the list. I haven’t’ really figured out a name for it yet, but I think “Pretty Shady Lineup” might be a good one? Gosh, those umbrellas turned out rad.

That one was also inspired by a pic by one of my favorite photographers, Ming Nomchong. Her work is stunning and soothing, I love her blog, and she just seems like one of those gals you’d want to go surf and grab a beer with too. I want to paint a ton of her pics. Plus she and my pal Danny Salt Gypsy own the oh so rad Women’s Coastal concept store known as Sea Bones Byron Bay. Oh Byron Bay…Yup. Need to go there and paint this scene in person, under an umbrella like this one day. Then go for a surf. Yum.

Ok onto the second painting. The title was easy for this one: Peek-A-Bloom.  Because, you know, it’s always a good idea to look at things through hibiscus eyes. And well, I love pics when a beautiful beach bum is doing just that. So there you go.

Just two work in progress pics. As in each painting is a work in progress, a way to improve, try new stuff, mess up, have a little fun, not overthink it all, and see what happens.

Yay art. Just going to keep on making those colorful chaotic messes.

Prints (and originals soon because I need to stop hoarding all of these) over at my little shop:

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