Kai. Win some.


So this is pretty cool, And I am oh so excited in advance for whoever wins this bundle of Kai goodness, because you will be in sensory bliss.

I did a really fun interview with Kai fragrance. (Yes. That Kai. One of my all time favorite scents on the planet.) So, in conjunction with that, I am giving away a rather stellar gift bag filled with my favorite Kai products. 

So, first off, go read the interview and check out their blog and site. I’m rather flattered to be on it.

Now, the giveaway. 

What’s up for grabs? Here you go… 8 of my favorite products: Kai body butter, body glow, perfume oil, eau de perfume, a skylight candle, night light candle, reed diffuser, room/linen spray….and a yoga tank. So basically whoever wins this will be in a tropical gardenia euphoria for a while.

How to enter:

1: Follow @kaifragrance on Instagram.

2: Leave a comment on this post with what your instagram name is (So I can make sure you followed them), as well as what your favorite scent is, and why. For me it’s the smell of the when I step off the plane in Hawaii. It’s like a welcome home.

And well, the smell of Kai kind of reminds me of that. 

So I’m really excited to be able to give this to someone. 

Details: Due to shipping restraints, contest is open to US residents only. Winner will be announced on this post and notified by me on Tuesday, December 13th. 

Thank you Kai, and thank you all for entering. 

Off to go put on some perfume now…

The winner is Kailyn Kee! …Thank you all so much for entering, I loved reading every entry and feel like I know a cool little fact about each of you now too.

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