The only things that got dressed

The only things that got dressed up in Moorea, were my wrist and neck. Otherwise, it was just pareos and bikinis everyday babaaayyy. Ok, maybe a tee snuck in there too. 

But really. I’ve received a bunch of emails on what to pack for a trip to Tahiti (or anywhere tropical). My answer? Pack light. A few bikinis, a pareo or two, a pair of flip flops, A few tees and tanks, one coverup/beach dress (just in case), some cutoffs, breezy shorts, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, some beach bling…and your mask and fins. 

You can even skip makeup. Tahiti is so pretty it’s beauty rubs off and you don’t need the stuff.

Fun times.

Wearing: Kate Davis // Ola Feroz // Pearl Love // Long lost jewelry ///…Lots of sand, and too much sun. 

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