Tropical Toes


Well, seeing how the aloha print toes were a bit of a hit. I’ve been wanting to give another tropical print genre toes a shot. Then, after seeing this amazing print that I wish I could deck out my entire office in…I had some inspiration to stop procrastinating and take my toes on vacation.

The print is still waaaaaaay cooler (it’s by textile artist, Dan Hallett, check him out) but, I must admit. I am starting at my toes right now, and want to grab an ice cold coconut water and give myself a pat on the back. 

So, here’s how you can paint some tropic-toes of your own…and join in the festive tropical beverage pat on the back party.

Tools, polish (duh) dotting tool (I use a ball point pen) and a nail art brush.

• Paint toes a bright opaque blue

• Using a nail art brush and some light green polish, paint some leaves and stems on your toes in different sized in a non organized fashion.

• Now using some hot pink polish and a nail art brush, paint some big flowers. I painted the petals to be longer and oblong so they looked like stargazers or something.

• With your nail art brush, again, paint some yellow streaks in the middle of the hot pink flowers you just made.

• Then finally, add some itty bitty little white dots in the middle and extending out, so it kind of looks like the flower stamen.

• Now, use a dotting tool and make a bunch of little flowers in different colors sporadically on your toes. All you do it make five tiny dots in a circle in one color, then put one dot in the middle in a contrasting color.

• Let polish dry completely, then finish off with glossy topcoat.

• Donezo.

Enjoy not wanting to put closed shoes toes on for a few weeks.

…or a month.

Polish by Essie, Julep and Zoya // Mayde Australia Turkish Towel

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