Sometimes you just need to pick

Sometimes you just need to pick your own bouquet. 

Something I always find myself doing when I’m back in Hawaii is…picking flowers. Plumeria, Hibiscus, Tiare, Puakenikeni. The colors, the smells, and just how they’re a reminder of how freakishly gorgeous nature is. They get me. 

So, one day, right before sunset, I just went for a stroll and started picking flowers. The next thing you know, I had subliminally formed a bouquet by the way I was holding them all. Peach hibiscus + pink plumeria = my new favorite flower combo.

…So you bet I took a plethora of pics. 

Eventually my hand got sweaty, so I just stuck them in my hat. And that was rather lovely too.


This might seem like totally random and pointless story, but it’s just one of those little things about Hawaii that I love. 

Yay flowers. Especially of the tropical variety. 

Winston White Shorts + Lack Of Color Hat // Pics taken with LeicaTL // Flowers picked at Kiahuna Plantation. Their gardeners have super green thumbs. 

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