Some Sweet Jams and Gear


I was prepared to do a long overdue playlist in a bikini. But realized my playlist is pretty much all one musician at the moment. On repeat, And well, my attention span couldn’t stick to just bikinis. 

So here we go. Some sweet jams (aka listening to Landon Mcnamera’s A Dollar Short & A minute Late on repeat) …and gear. Because, you know, it’s practically summer. So it’s time to gear up and crank up some appropriate tunes.

First off, the jams:

 If you haven’t heard of Landon Mcnamera, Here you go. Don’t be surprised if your eardrums give you a bear hug. His voice is just a weeeeee bit it soothing. I haven’t been able to zone out to an entire album like this in a long time. There’s a reason Deep Water was playing on the radio like every third song when we were back in Hawaii. This dude is good.

If you need some new jams that remind you of being somewhere awesome. Here you go.

Now the gear: 

Pictured above top to bottom, left to right: 

• Tavik Jessie Top – I’ve had my eye on this sporty little beauty since last year when it was sold out everywhere. They made it in 9 colors this year. Take your pic. I like the roya blue.  

Acacia Ehukai Suit in MAHALO print: This fabric is insane. I therefore want to wear it in the water with as much fabric as possible. Ehukai suit to the rescue. Gosh this thing’s a beauty. SPF Mahalo print. 

Ola Feroz SS17 (Bombay Mango or Limon fabric) – Any suit. Any Size. Any Style. I love these colors. I love Ola. Always have. Always will. 

The Beach People Roundies – …are pretty much a staple. I love seeing which patterns they come up with each season. Plus, there are so many companies that have copied them, I gotta give a shout out to the makers of the original  round beach towels. Aka roundies. 

Lack of Color Sunny Dip – I love wearing this thing. And I’m not even a beach hat type of gal.  Comes in Tan or black. I bought them both. 

Rails Charli in Mermaid Stripe. A lightweight striped shirt from Rails. With little mermaid silhouettes on the stripes. You’re welcome. 

•  Skipping Girl Palm Island Tote – When anyone wants a beach bag/unique tote rec. This is my numero uno recommendation. 

Tavik Marlowe top – Ok, Tavik just has some really cool simple & sporty, tops ( That don’t cost $100). Add this one to the list. 

Vegan Leather visor – I’m not really a visor gal either. Or maybe I am when they’re made out of Vegan Leather. Because I’m in love with the thought of rocking this beauty all summer. 

And finally…

Beach Riot Farrah One piece – Just a simple sexxayyyy onesie. Comes in Stripes or solids

…and I’m done. 

Off to go listen to some tunes and finally buy that Tavik top before it sells out again. Even though it was 60 and rainy in Minnesota today. Thinking hot weather thoughts.

Bring it on summer. 

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