The cool thing is, if you

The cool thing is, if you think of what’s written on the tank in a metaphorical sense, you might love it even more. 

At least I do.

Make a change. Take a leap of faith. Enjoy your new lifestyle. Actually, soak it all up. And never go back to the rat race again…or something like that. You get the point. I’m having problems thinking metaphorically at the moment and am just thinking of this day in Hanalei instead….

Goldfish Kiss X Island Company tank. (Yes, it now comes in coral too.) – Available at (aka the website for the company with the greatest mantra ever. And FYI, everyone I’ve met who works there is just so….cool. And fun to be around. And the type of people you just want to have a drink (or three) with. I’m seriously so flattered to be able to work with such a sweet group of beach loving crazy people.) 

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