Keeping the Vibe Alive With kai

During all of our moves over the past few years, there’s been one constant goal I’ve had for our home: Keeping the tropical vibe alive. Yup, regardless of proximity to a tropical locale, I’ve been determined to make our home feel like a l’il beach bungalow. Beige rental walls included. Or in the case of the latest move, grey ones we aren’t allowed to hang anything on (insert eye rolling emoji here.)

One of the ways to easily keep the tropical vibe alive? Scents. Yup. I swear a mix of tuberose and gardenia can mentally whisk you from Minnesota to Maui, from Washington to Waimea, from Frankfurt to Fiji, Tulsa to Tahiti, or from Boston to Bali. Ok, I’ll stop before I tackle the entire globe and alphabet.

Which is why I’m pretty pumped to be teaming up with one of my longtime favorite brands, kai, to give away a bunch of their goods ….in hopes of helping a few of you keep the tropical vibe alive in your home.

I’m not joking when I said their gardenia combo has a teleporting power to it. Same with the kai*rose. It’s tropical bliss with a dozen roses on top.

So here’s what’s up for grabs.

3 winners will receive the following bundle of kai radness: the new kai*rose body glow, the new kai*rose body buffer, a kai skylight candle, and a kai reed diffuser.

To enter: Just click on over and sign up for kai’s newsletter. (Hey, you’re also guaranteed some relaxing tropical vibes to your inbox by entering too. You’re welcome.)

The three winners will be announced and contacted via email in one week.

I have the diffuser in our bedroom. Trust me, it even helps you have tropical vibe dreams. Preferably on a deserted island with good surf nearby, where I’m always wearing a puakenikeni lei, and there are hammocks everywhere. Along with puppies and coolers of Imperial beer.

Yup. Definitely go enter. This bundle is delicious.

And I LOVE hearing ways anyone else out there keeps the vibe alive in their home too: For me, it’s tropical pictures/art everywhere, beach towels as throws, rocking tropical prints, making the place smell like if we opened the door you’d see palm trees swaying, keeping all of the surf/ocean theme books, and having our surfboards around the home. Or at least that’s what I’ve managed to do so far. One day I’ll actually get a plant. I guess you could call it Hyggebeachy.

Fun times.

Thanks, kai for bringing such a heavenly duo of scents into the word for all of us beach bums to enjoy.

And cheers to finding ways to feel closer to the beach, whether it’s just out of our doorstep, or it’s a long flight across an ocean, you’re stuck in the middle seat next to someone snoring and the little tv doesn’t work.

If you haven’t entered yet, here you go again. 

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  • Fun story, in January my husband and I went grocery shopping and decided to stop at Lowe’s. They had a whole bunch of Majesty Palms. I ended up standing in the middle of them for 5 mins and my husband and I just looked at each other…fast forward an hour later we got my parents truck so we could transport a 7 foot tall palm tree home- in the middle of a snow storm lol. Most of the employees got a good laugh out of me walking through the snow with a palm tree…the other’s aren’t worth mentioning 😉