Mismatched Happy toes

I promise the next time I paint my toes, it’ll be a single easy to follow print, like the neon leopard one above. But for some reason this whole mismatched look just…works. Especially for summer. And when a last minute trip to Hawaii came up, I had to figure out how to paint my piggies before we left, but couldn’t decide on a print. (In retrospect, next time it will be that neon leopard one. Kind of love how it turned out.)

So, before I wrote a novel about my freaking toes, here’s an attempt at instructions. Also, the beach is calling, roosters a crowing and the palm trees are swaying outside. Akak time to get my bum to the beach.

But before I do that. Yeah, Instructions.

Mismatched happy toes:

Tools: A dotting tool (small and large sizes) and a nail art brush (I use a kit similar to this) Polish = Neon coral, brown, baby blue, royal blue, baby pink…pretty much the whole rainbow. I mainly use Zoya and Julep polishes, and a few Essie’s. Opaque is key.

• For the leopard toes: PAint toes bright orange, then do a bunch of little blobs all over the toe, then go in with a nail art brush and paint little dark brown squiggly lines on the sides of each blob. Throw in a few tiny dots. Rawr.

• For the Tropical print toes: Paint flowers using a big dotting tool. Flowers = five dots in a circle then go in and “pull” the center of each dot into the center of the flower. Then go in a put tiny dots next to it, and a different color dot in the center, so it looks like a hibiscus, sort of.

• For the palm frond toes: Palm fronds are one curved line with little curved coming off the side of it. So I painted my toe pink then went in and did some royal blue fronds. I’m frond of the combo.

• For the tiny polka dot toes: This is super easy you just have to use a tiiiiiny dotting tool and fun bright colors for the dots. That’s it.

• For the striped toe: Paint toes baby blue then do two thin stripes across it (Use a nail art brush for the stripes.)

See. They’re actually not too complicated. HIgh five.

Let the polish dry then seal the mismatched deal with a glossy topcoat.

Run around barefoot at the beach all day, splash, get sandy, and admire how freaking cute your piggies look in the sand. OR at least that’s what I’m about to do.

Cheers to happy feet.

Seriously, Give ’em a shot. I started this whole hobby by attempting polka dot toes, and painting some stripes on my nails (ok and wanting to save money to buy bikinis by not having to go get pedicures)…fast forward five years and I’m painting murals on my toes. When I find the time.

More Nail Art aqui. Yes, this might be considered an odd hobby, but I like it, and it saves me some money.

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