La Luna Rose X Goldfish Kiss


Today is a fantastic day. La Luna Rose X Goldfish is here, and man oh man does this collab make me smile.

First off, Rosie, the gal behind La Luna Rose, is one of those infectiously positive and fun types of people who you are just drawn to. Well, her jewelry totally reflects that. (and her emails even make me happy.) Add in her love for travel, the water and environment, and we make a good combo. 

We’ve worked together in the past, and when she had the idea of turning some tropical themed sketches of mine into some charms, I immediately hopped on board. Then, when I designed the packaging for the line, Rosie thought the pattern was so rad we should turn it into a scarf. So that’s part of it too. 

Go team go. 

Now about the jewelry…

All of the La Luna Rose pieces are made in Bali from 99% recycled silver. (Think electronic & electrical scraps and old jewelry.) Also, any old or past season pieces of hers are melted down and used for future collections. She keeps production as closed looped as possible, and has been working hands on (and hanging out/grabbing coffee) with her crew of artisans since 2013. It’s all really quite inspiring. 

So here’s what went down: I drew a bunch of sketches, and then Rosie helped me decide which ones would work best for the jewels. She then took it to her artisans, and they turned my little art into molds, which were filled with recycled silver that had been melted down. The pieces were polished and finished and put on a chain…et voila. You’ve got the La Luna Rose X Goldfish Kiss pieces. 

Gosh I need to go to Bali and watch this process in person. Maybe a Skype date in the meantime could suffice?

Here’s rundown of the collection:

• We turned my messing handwriting into an aloha necklace

• I got a little engraved surf fin in there (if I had to choose a favorite this would be it.)

• There’s a little retro vibe sunset pendant.

• Of course there’s a hibiscus. Always.

• And don’t forget the scarf. Damn I love that thing. 

• You’ll want to keep the packaging too. Trust me. 

I love all that La Luna Rose is doing and is about, and I am so honored/pumped/flattered/ to be able to do this line with them. 

Cheers to Rosie, her crew, and the fun shenanigans that result when we all work together…from across the globe. Whoa.

I shall be rocking all this radness with a smile. Feel free to do it too. 

Now, go shop. 

La Luna Rose X Goldfish Kiss – Available at 

More info about The Sustainable and Ethical Practices of La Luna Rose

…and here’s a few more pics.



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