I did this circuit today on

I did this circuit today on the beach. It took about 20 minutes. Which meant I got my 20 minute sweat sesh in for the day. High five.

I had no plans to do a beach workout, Levi was just running around throwing a frisbee to himself, and I figured I’d see how much of a workout I could get in before he wanted me to build him a bulldozer in the sand. Turns out I got a full workout in. And It was just the fun little leg burner and heart pumper I needed. 

So, I had to share. 

Here’s the circuit…

Do the following back to back to back:

• Five 25yd shuttle runs – (Mark it off by taking 25 long steps and leaving something to mark that spot. You’ll sprint back and forth from that spot five times for a roughly 250 yd sprint.) 

• 25 squat jumps

• 25 push ups

• 25 plank alternating leg lifts (slowly lift one leg, then another while doing a plank hold)

• 5 burpies

• Rest for 30 seconds

• That’s one round

Do five rounds.

Then you’re done.

Now go jump on the ocean. Or drink some water. Or do both. 

Rocking TYR Active shorts + Spiritual Gangster tank. 

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