If I was ever a Superhero/Bond

If I was ever a Superhero/Bond Girl or some bad ass who went around kicking stuff, this miiiight be my getup of choice.

With some sort of cutoff old gray hoodie or tee for when I leave the beach. Always gotta have a loose sweaty gray top on too.  

Thank you Society Bikini for the Olympia getup. They are one of my favorite brands, and I am not worthy of the radness. (Sidenote: I recommend signing up for the Olympia email newsletter so you’ll know when they have their über sales…which rock, and sell out quickly.)

And thank you 20 minute tabata and kettlebell workouts that are kicking my butt (quickly and efficiently) each day, and have me feeling fantastic. 

I also did a fun little interview over on the Society Bikini Blog. Go on over there and give it a read.

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