Tips to Calm The Craziness


A few weeks ago, I honestly felt like my mind had an 80′s hair Rock tribute band jamming out in it 24/7. I was a bit of a nervous wreck, was all over the place mentally, couldn’t focus, was moody, and gosh, I hated that feeling. It happens. But the good news is this: It got better. 

So I figured I’d share some things that helped calm the craziness. Or, as a yoga teacher once called it (and it’s been tattooed in my memory) the crazy monkey mind. We all deal with it in some form. And who knows, maybe one of these could help.

1: Turn off all notifications on your phone. Yup all of them. All the apps are vying for your attention span, presence, and want a bit of your brain 24/7. So I decided to politely tell them all to shut up. It’s made SUCH a difference. It helps you check your phone less. And really, do you really need to know the instant someone says something, posts something, likes something, shares something, not really. If it’s an emergency they’ll use what a phone is for, and call you. Or send you a dozen texts.  

Sayonara push notifications. Turn those suckers off. Same with email beeps.

2: Shut down a few cylinders. 

It’s weird. For a while there, I was firing on all cylinders all the time. As productive and awesome as it felt, it’s like you keep on raising the bar a little higher, and nigher until it’s unhealthy, or you’re just trying to outdo yourself for no reason. Well, if I stay up one more hour to get this done…If I add more things to my daily to-do’s…Suddenly I felt guilty if I wasn’t feeling like Wonder Woman every 24 hour period. No bueno. So, I gave myself permission shut it down a little. I ignored all the motivational quotes that are everywhere glorifying your business (The ‘You have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé’ one is the WORST). And really, who was I trying to impress? Feels good to tone it down to a V6 and only take it up to a V8 every now and then. Or, maybe switch to bio diesil. Sorry, bad joke that probably made no sense.

3: Just don’t share it. 

This could be an entire social media rant again, but there’s this underlying pressure to share everything in your life. Maybe I’m making it up, or just pressuring myself because I’m a blogger, but it’s there right? Well, I kicked it to the curb. Think of yourself as your own little media company – and not everyone has to be a Kardashian. I figured I’m more of a little indie niche channel. Feel free to be one too. Life’s the six inches in front of your face (Yup. That Al Pacino quote)…you don’t always have to broadcast it. In fact, feel free to keep the best moments to yourself. 

4: Actually Read a Book

Shut everything down, and just read a book. I have no clue why I put a just before it, because it’s one of the more powerful things you can do. It’s a simple pleasure in life, it works your brain, its sooo relaxing, inspiring and fun. Words are amazing to read. Maybe that’s why I love reading to my son so much. I started reading at night sometimes instead of woking super late, and not gonna lie, it’s kind of been amazing. So read, and read some more, Or if you don’t have a book to read, grab a journal and write. 

5: Do some creating, crafting, painting…even for a few minutes

I probably don’t need to elaborate on this one. Art. I’m telling you, it’s therapeutic. All art making is. Try it. Who cares if it’s good or not. You don’t have to share it (see tip number 3 above) 

(Also, insert shameless self promotion for sell painting here.) 

And last but not least

6: A bunch of random mind clearing and calming things I love to do even if some might sound cheesy – who cares, they help.

Sit and look at the stars at night, breathe, drink your coffee outside in the morning, go for a run with no music, breathe, sit and pet your dog and just talk to him/or her, listen to slack key guitar, drink some herbal tea with honey, breathe, cook some sort of soup/pasta/sooting healthy meal, breathe, go for a bike ride, exercise (of course I got this in here somewhere) and, of course… sit and stare at the ocean. If you aren’t close to one just watch this video.

…and remember to breathe.

There you go, hopefully one of those helps someone else out there too. 

Life can be crazy, but our minds don’t always need to follow along too. 

Off to read a few pages of my book, then pet my dog and paint some shells. 

Or just go to sleep.

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