If I could start every week

If I could start every week by making a mood board, I would. Mood Board Monday. It has a nice ring to it. 

Maybe I should. 

But more like once a month, since me and scheduling anything on this blog is like a microwave and a hairdryer. 

Anywho, zeee noggin is a’ spinnign thanks to all of these pics pasted together. 

If your brain is feeling like mush, or your as inspired as a sloth in zumba class, try making some sort of moodboard. I swear it helps. Just cut and paste stuff you find, (I basically did that digitally in photoshop) and just don’t think about anything except for finding stuff that resonates with you. 

None of the photos in the mood boards are mine (I found them all over on my pinterest) Sending a jumping high five to each and every person who created each image. You’re brilliant. and I hope you know it. 

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