Lei Days

Gotta love being back in a place where making a lei is an easy thing to do. Not sure what my favorite part about the process is: the bowl full of flowers, the extremely relaxing process of making one, or wearing/giving it away it. Or all of the above. So, figured I’d share a pic of each.

Not pictured, Auntie Deliah who helped me squish as many orchids on the string as possible (we used about 63) while talking to me about her grandkids, laughing, and I don’t know, just hanging out with such a gem of a joyful soul makes it all pretty darn sweet too.

Moral of the story: when you get the chance, sit yer butt down, relax and make a lei.

Also, love being back in Hawaii…for so many reasons. Leis, amazing friends, the smell of the air, sunshine, and flowers everywhere are just a few.

Necklaces from Amy Grace + Puka Perri // Mayde Australia towel. 

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