Praising The Mid Rise Bikini

I’m learning different situations call for different bikinis and types of swimwear. Usually, it’s a boyshort and whatever top I can mix and match it with, If it’s me and my husband in Moorea, it’s as little fabric as possible, Sunset surfs are usually onesies or a spring suit, Washington coast is whatever bikini I can find with jeans and a hoodie on top…but now, oh right now, I’m-a-loving the midrise, somewhat cheeky bikini bottom, with a sporty l’il top. Beach run, surf, running after kiddo, passing out for my five minutes of relaxation…checks all the boxes.

I wore that tie-dye number four days in a row in Kauai last week, then switched it up to that lovely floral number for the next few days. They both are beyond comfy, and the little extra fabric on the waist makes these suckers stay put. I surfed daily, and never had a full moon after being caught on the inside or run over by a wave. It also has a tiny bit of a James Bond girl vibe to it, without being super trendy.

So naturally, when it comes to swimwear I had to shout some praises.

Consider this my mid-rise bottom with a sporty top seal of approval.

Sorry, still can’t do the super high waisted or the super high cut/hiked up look without looking and feeling incredibly awkward. But this is still a nice alternative, with a little more fabric.

Chee hoo.


Frankie’s Bikinis: Gio Top and Gio Bottom in Emerald Tie Dye c/o Society Bikini

Citrine Swim: Viv Top and Izzy Bottoms c/o Citrine Swim

Amy Grace and Puka Perri necklaces, Jemma Sands bracelets…and a hefty dose of that gorgeous morning in Kauai Sunshine. Yum. 

*Pics taken on my iphone. Sorry, it’s just too easy and only takes me about five minutes to shoot all the pics for a post like this.

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