Yes. Life is crazy, yet oh

Yes. Life is crazy, yet oh so fun. And I need a good helmet, because the ride is full of yet another twist. 

We are moving. Again. 

Yup. My husband accepted a new job, so we are packing up and moving up to the Bay Area at the end of the week. Same state. New city. Different vibes. But still…close to the beach. Phew. 

I honestly am a bit numb to the whole thing. This isn’t a tear my heart out gut wrenching emotional move like when we left Hawaii. I am actually a bit numb about it all. But excited too. Maybe because part of me just loves moving new places. It gets me out of my comfort zone, I get to meet new people, and really, the whole endeavor is quite inspiring. Which, who knows, I really need right now. The coast up there looks amazing ( Rather excited for our road trip up there), the surf is still good (time to dust off the 5mm wetsuit, bootie and gloves) and well, that’s all I know right now. 

I am just not overthinking any part of it, and will just take it all day by day. Mainly because this all happened so fast, that’s all I can do. 

So, if you see a bit more fog, rugged coast, and me wearing Patagonia. You aren’t imagining things. It’s just me bringing my tropical vibe random shenanigans up to the Bay Area. 

Which should be fun. 

Cheers to the twists, turns, bumps and crazy rides on the PCH of life.

And nearby airports with direct flights back to Hawaii too. 

I’ll still be blogging during the week and move. But for your daily Goldfish Kiss fix, behind the scenes stuff, and randomness, be sure to follow me on my social media accounts: Facebook (Did my first facebook live video last week. So cool.) // Instagram: @goldfish_Kiss  // Twitter @goldfish_kiss  // Snapchat: superduperbek // Pinterest @rebekah_steen

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