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When it comes to health, wellness and balance, I am a pretty blunt and opinionated person. Basically I am all about working your butt off, taking care of yourself, not being obsessive, and doing a faceplant in a triple scoop of ice cream from time to time. So, you can imagine how pumped I was to do an interview talking about the aforementioned subjects with the lovely gals over at anthropologie. I got to answer some fun questions, test out some of their fitness gear, take fun pics. Wins across the board. 

What does heavy lifting, burritos the size of a football, me falling a lot in yoga, and Serena Williams all have in common? Well you’ll just have to read the interview to find out. Or keep on reading below.

My favorite workout is: 

In the gym = A good, sweaty, butt kicking lift. I love feeling strong. Outside = A good hike. It’s like cardio with a reward.

My favorite way to unwind is: 

Hop in the ocean and go surf. If the waves suck, a barefoot beach walk definitely will suffice.

My favorite clean meal is: 

A huge chopped salad. You know the ones full of tons of different veggies, beans, and some kind of protein. It could almost pass as a burrito bowl with a ton of produce in it. Yum.

My favorite cheat meal is: 

A burrito the size of a football, that’s smothered in enchilada sauce, with lots of chips and salsa, and a margarita.

When I workout, I wear:

 I pretty much always wear a baggy/oversized long sleeve top (I’ll borrow my husbands tees sometimes) with some sort of leggings, and bright fun sneakers.

When I go out, I wear: 

Distressed jeans, a nice soft drapey tank, a biker jacket, and some booties.


First thing I do in the morning: 

I say a prayer thanking God for today, and to help me make the most of it, then I grab a glass of water, and go say good morning to my 5 month old son…who is quite the reliable alarm clock.

Last thing I do at night: 

I’ve gotten in the ritual of having a big mug of chamomile tea, then (I know this isn’t good) I tend to go on pinterest for a little bit. It’s weird how it shuts my brain off, but then gets me inspired too.

My usual workout routine is:

A “normal” week for me is an hour of pretty intense weight training three times a week, a 20 minute sprint workout twice a week, and I try to fit in a yoga class and/or a hike too. Some days are super busy (especially now with a baby) and my one goal is to break a sweat somehow each day. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

A workout I never thought I’d love is: 

This might sound weird, but…yoga. It took me a while to really get into it and do it regularly. But when I did, and figured out the breathing, how to push myself, new poses, and to not care if I fell or looked like the inflexible clumsy gal that I am, my mind and body got hooked. And now it feels weird if I go a long time without doing it.

The next workout I’ll try is: 

Zumba. Or any dance class, really. I just have a serious need to bust a move and break a sweat. Bad. Or aerial yoga. That looks fun.


To me, “balance” means: 

Being in that amazing place where you are dialed into a healthy routine, and it feels like it takes minimal effort to do it. Getting stuff done, taking care of yourself, enjoying life, not trying to be perfect, and getting hefty doses of fresh air and saltwater through it all.

My childhood sports heroes were: 

Oh man I had a bunch. I should ask my mom. I did own a Mary Lou Retton Leotard, a Dennis Rodman Jersey, and a David Beckham Jersey. But can I just say Serena Williams? She’s my hero today, and I’m still a child at heart.

I dreamt of going to the Olympics for: 

Boardercross (winter), Triathlon or rowing (summer). At times I like to tell myself there’s still a chance…


There you go. 

Thanks Anthropologie for wanting to pick my brain (seriously, so flattered), and for promoting balanced, healthy lifestyles. Margaritas and dreams of gold medals in boadercross included. 

Outfits pictured (c/o Anthropologie

Cynthia Rowley Neoprene Bikini Top + Bottom

Orange Stella Sneakers + Cropped Leggings + Pullover

New Balance kicks + Crochet sports bra + Yoga Shorts + Fleece Pullover

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