Long Live The Beach


So Madewell and Surfrider teamed up for a capsule. And this makes me quite happy. Not just because I love anything with beach puns, but because I love anything that helps out my absolute favorite place to be. 

The capsule consists of this embroidered tee ( made from 100% recycled cotton), some sunnies, and an embroidered straw tote, and a portion of proceeds all go to benefit Surfrider. Swoon. On so may levels.

Then, I know a lot of companies partner up or donate portions of proceeds to Surfrider, and I’ve mentioned them a bunch on here too, so I figured I’d give a little more info on why they are so important and what they’re doing. (Aka me copying and pasting their about page, which when read together is pretty inspiring) 

The Surfrider Foundation is a community of everyday people who passionately protect our playground – the ocean, waves, and beaches -that provide us so much enjoyment. Our model is to engage environmental experts to create solutions, unite local and national resources to protect the coast, and leverage our local chapter network’s knowledge with a national perspective. Surfrider has a dedicated team of science, environmental & legal experts who are dedicated to the protection of our ocean, waves and beaches. For every $1 you donate to the Surfrider Foundation, 84 cents directly funds our programs and campaigns, 13 cents is invested to generate future donations and 3 cents is devoted to our administrative and operating costs. Help us get one step closer to our vision of 100% protection of our coasts.

It’s actually pretty mind blowing to peruse their site and see all the things that they are doing. Aside from the beach cleanups you commonly hear about, there are bunches of legal battles, initiatives, and just plain old team bad ass let’s help mother nature types of deals they fight for each day. 

Example: A beach right by where I used to always go in Half Moon Bay, Martin’s beach, was enjoyed by the public for over 100 years. Then along came billionaire, Vinod Khosla, who purchased 90 acres of beachfront property in front of Martin’s beach, and proceeded to lock the public gated entry to the beach and post “do not enter” signs. I read he even hired a security guard. So basically he decided he didn’t want anyone enjoying the beach in front of his house. Surfrider said no bueno, the beach belongs to everyone, and has been in a legal battle for years. You can read all the updates here

And that’s just one of many things they’re up to. 

So high five to Madewell X Surfrider. The oceans, lakes, beaches, all think your collab is pretty rad too. 

Long live the beach. 

Thanks Madewell for the tee and sunnies

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