Maui Girl Swimwear: Separates, you’ve been perfected.

Whether you frequent the beach, the pool, or a lake in Iowa, you gotta have some good basic solid color bikinis that fit like a glove. No one does it better than the lovely Debbie Wilson, and her awesome line based out of Paia, Maui, the appropriately named Maui Girl.

I talk a lot about lines I love, but my most adored suit that I actually own & wear at least two times a week, is a combo of my favorites from this line. I have also worn it for almost three years and it is in no way falling apart. I’m amazed.

Top: The Twist top  – Stays put, lifts, supports and actually gives me a hint of something that resembles cleavage. (Not an easy feat.)

Bottoms: Scrunchie side bottoms  – The amount of bum lifting & coverage (brazilian) makes your booty look worthy of a L’il Wayne video. Need I say more? Bonus: I have yet to be de-pantsed by a wave in them. I did once wear them backwards and was convinced my butt had grown. Actually, that story is worthy of another post.

I’m not alone in my adoration. The other day I was surfing, I noticed a gal in a cute little purple number with the signature Maui Girl label on the bum & top (great branding by the way Debbie). Yup, she was from Maui and if I may quote her, told me, “it’s all I wear.” Now that’s devotion.

There are bottoms as skimpy or as covering as you’d like and tops flattering for any bust size. So mosey on over to and pretty soon, it too will be all you will want to wear.

Don’t even get me started on the store. Or as I call it, the little aqua hut of happiness. Next time anyone is in Maui, just go. It’s a bikini lover’s paradise.

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