Fishtail Faux Bob


My hair style attention span right now is at a maximum capacity of about three minutes. Time is of the essence my friends. So I did a little bit of experimentation this morning with some messy, bed-head hair. Fortunately, I ended up with something I kind of fell in love with, and will be rocking at my next social outing where me wearing loungewear or workout gear is not acceptable. Who knows when that will actually be. 

Anywho, I like to call it the side fishtail faux bob. Because that’s what it is: A side fishtail braid, messed up a bit then pinned so you like like you have a bob. 

Here’s better directions: 

What you need: hair tie, a few bobby pins, messy hair (if yours is clean, I love this stuff).

1: Pull hair over to one side.

2. Separate it into two sections, then fishtail it.

3: Secure with a hair tie.

4: Pull a section from the end and scrunch up the fishtail so it’s now nice and messy.

5: now, reach back and pin (aka hide) the end of the fishtail up and under the back of your neck (a few inches behind your ear). Then, secure any other pieces that you need with more bobby pins.

6: Pull out a few pieces of hair to frame your face.

7: Done. 

Yeah messy, looks cool but takes only a few minutes to do, hair. 

Which is my pretty much the only kind of hair I know how to rock. 

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