Rocking some different kind of layers

Rocking some different kind of layers today.  Ones with a pretty cool purpose.

Say hello to Ammunition Jewelry. A line that’s taking a negative (bullet casings) and turning it into something positive (a piece one of a kind hand made jewelry). The mantra of the line: Live life with a purpose. With Ammunition. And each piece of jewelry is meant to be a tangible reminder to whoever is wearing it to keep on keepin’ on. With intention, direction, and purpose. 


Then (to make a bullet casing even more warm and fuzzy) the designers come from military families, and really wanted to focus on using bullets for good. SO, they also decided to donate a portion of each purchase to various veterans charities. 

One more (pretty cool) thing. This month, they are also donating 20% of each sale to a Non Profit that my friend Rachel (yes, the gal responsible for my blondeness) co-founded, called The Beyond Project. They basically are taking amazing stylists and people in the beauty and wellness industry, going in to underpriviledged communiteis, and cutting, styling and cleaning ‘em up for free. Need examples? Check out their photo gallery or instagram. It’s amazing how much a great haircut and style can empower and give a fresh breath of purpose to someone in need. 

So yes, I am excited to rock these necklaces, and share the cool meaning behind them with you all too.

Who knew a bullet case could 1: Complete and outfit, 2: help you keep your head up, and 3: help a homeless guy get a haircut, that could lead to a job, that could transform a life.


The Beyond Project: Website + Instagram @_thebeyondproject  facebook 

Ammunition Jewelry: Website + Instagram @ammunitionjewelry​ facebook

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