Missing Island Life


It’s been over two years since we moved away from Hawaii, and I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I wouldn’t cry tears of joy if I learned we were moving back tomorrow. Yes. I am very happy now. Yes. Life is good. Yes. I still have many moments of bliss. But yes. I can still miss island life so much it hurts. 

And I am learning that’s ok. It’d be weird if I didn’t miss it.

I know we will make it back someday. Who knows when. I might be 80, 57, or 36. But in the meantime, I’ll just have to count down the days until I get to go back, and consider myself blessed in being able to do so.

But I’d be crazy to not miss the warm glassy dawn patrol water, amazing waves, riding my bike down to the beach by our house to check the surf or just hang out under my favorite coconut tree there (yes, the one that’s tattoo’d on my arm), and all the beach runs in Waimanalo. 

I think there’d be something wrong with me if I didn’t miss the early morning rain showers that would wake me up, walks to pick plumeria for our apartment, my beat up old Isuzu Rodeo with over 200K miles on it, our landlord’s Sunday night ukulele jam sessions with their friends, or a malasada with a cup of strong black mac nut coffee.

No, life wasn’t perfect, or like a tropical Nicholas Sparks novel each day. And it won’t ever be…anywhere. It was still real life 24/7, not a constant vacation. But it’s just the days and moments when it was good…were just so damn good. 

So, to all my friends back in Hawaii, please go hop in the ocean, pick a few plumeria to put in your hair, and just take a big deep breath of Hawaii for me. A niiice long one. 

Because I miss it. 

And the longer I am away from it, the more I realize I left my heart in Hawaii. And it’s been salty, covered in white sand, and dreaming in a coconut tree ever since. 

Now, off to figure out when I can come back next. And bring the little dude. 

The odds are that I will probably end up loving it even more then.

Ut oh. 

Ok, I’m stopping now. It’s time to end this missing island life therapy session. And my life has been full of so much unpredictable irony, who knows, after I post this we might have to move somewhere landlocked next. And My post a year from now will be talking about missing the coast. Any coast. God loves to keep me on my toes like that.

So in that case. I have, one more request.

Someone in Hawaii go grab a manapua at 7-11, go pass out on the sand, go for a surf (even if you think it’s bad conditions), and watch the sunset with some poke and a cold beer in your hand for me too. 


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