Messy twisty do.



Since chopping my hair into a lob, my top knot has become more of a top knob. So I’ve been experimenting with some new do’s, in the messy beachy genre. Because those types of styles make my scalp happy. 

I like to call this one the messy twisty do. Really creative, I know.

It’s pretty simple. Promise.

My instructions might (ok, will probably) make it sound complicated, but if you look at the pics, it should make more sense. Basically you divide your hair into five sections, twist each section down your head, then combine and criss cross the leftover hair into a messy, full of twists, chignon dealio. 

Tools: Comb, Bobby pins and one hair tie. 

* I think it works best if your hair is damp and dirty. So it’s a good one to do if you are leaving the beach with wet (preferably salty) hair. 

Section out a middle row of your hair (aka the hair you’d have if you had a mohawk.) Then twist that section from the top of your head, down to the nape of your neck, and secure with a hair tie. This adds some nice lift at the crown (which my flat/fine hair always appreciates)

Take half of what’s left on one side, and twist that section from the top of your head down to the nape of your neck. continuing to twist the hair into a coil, then pin it next to the hair tie.

Repeat on the other side.

Now twist the rest of the hair on that side from the side of your head down to the nape of your neck. Keep on twisting it until it’s a coil, then cross it over and pin on the other side.

Repeat on the other side.

Loop and twist the loose hair (the hair that’s in the hair tie from the middle section) up into the twisted mess, and secure with a bobby pin.

Secure and tuck in any loose ends you’d like concealed, and pull out some hair around your face.

• Done. 

Voila. Another messy do to add to your repertoire. 

And an additional perk. When you take your hair out, you willhave soem great waves. So consider this a beachy waves/messy do 2-in-1 tutorial. You’re welcome.


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