5 Reasons to work your back. 

5 Reasons to work your back. 

…and I’m not talking about your bum. 

1: A strong back helps you have good posture. And good posture rocks. Need I say more? Then go read this.

2: Back exercises are also amazing arm exercises. AKA you get a lot of bang for your buck. So, if you do pull ups, don’t be surprised if some biceps decide to show up to the party too. 

3: A set of Lats also creates a V-Taper, which gives the illusion of a smaller waist. Which also means backless dresses suddenly become really fun to wear. Same with strappy back sporty swimwear, and any item of clothing where the word back is involved.

4: It helps a ton with surfing and paddling. I think this is why I started doing pullups and heavy rows religiously in the first place.

5. It feels freaking fantastic to be strong. 

…and everyone loves a good backside. (My husband told me to say that.)

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