A 48 Hour Swim Week

I always wait until the last minute to decide if I’m going to Miami for swim week or not. And I end up going. And am usually glad I did. It’s just a really good time. Plus, I get to see so many people I’ve only ever emailed with, hang with friends, and have a few days to worry about nothing more than bikinis, beach gear, cold beverages, and Cuban coffees.

This year was a super quick trip –  48 hours to be exact. But, I figured I’d do a quick little bullet post list of thoughts, highlights, and radness worth mentioning…all while it’s still in my head.


Fun fact: I really didn’t RSVP for too many events, yet, the 2 days flew by and I still felt like I was bouncing from event to event, and of course didn’t have time to shower or get all dressed up for either night. Oops. 

The shows:

• One amazing aspect of the shows I attended = there were all kinds of different beautiful body types. High five to that. Every Body is a bikini body. Athletic, curvy, petite… I was pretty pumped about it.

• Show with the best music and videos = Mikoh. Their “Make Aloha not war” tee was brilliant. I also just downloaded Lost Queen by Pharrel because of it. Great suits too. As usual. Congrats on 10 years to them too. 

Acacia gets the Mumu award (there was literally a mumu and it’s gorgeous). And the favorite tropical print award. And the favorite neon cobalt blue mesh suits award.

Monday Swimwear gets the favorite coverup award. It’s taking lots of willpower on my end to refrain.

The Brunch:

• I went to a brunch for one of my favorite Jewelry designers ( ByChari – She does the MAMA necklace I never take off) – The margaritas had pink orchids in them, with ice cubes that had flowers frozen in them, and we were surrounded by orchids and pink anthurium everywhere. The setup was straight out of Pinterest, and I don’t know if I’ll ever go to a brunch that gorgeous again. Thanks Chari. 


• Line that blew my mind = Indah. The suits had some of the most flattering sporty cuts. And they were reversible. Also, their beachwear never fails to stun.

• The Issa De mar gal’s new stuff is rather sweet too. And I just think the Issas are so cool. 

• I cruised around the cabana for a few hours, saying hi to people, admiring stuff I’ve only admired online (Hello Spell and the Gypsy Collective = amazing in real life) and just smiling at sales reps who looked exhausted/needed a drink and stopping to check out anything that caught my eye. Which was a lot.

• I am actually kind of mind blown at how many swimwear lines there are now. So many lines for one to two small pieces of fabric. So it’s really cool when something totally stands out, or if they just nail it. 

• One of my favorite swimwear lines, Skye & Staghorn is now doing beachwear too. The designer, Dakota, can do no wrong. It’s insane. 

• Best freebie – the Cool Change NYC scrunchies. I’m not sure if they’re selling them, but they should. 

Aloha collection pouches saved my sanity at times. And the gals behind it are too darn sweet.


I received a pair of Vuori joggers in a gift bag. They are by far the comfiest sweats I own. This is kind of a big deal. 

Food = If anyone wants the strongest cold brew of their life, along with the best smoked salmon everything bagel – go to the Social Club at the Surfcomber for brunch. I carb loaded upon arrival. Smart move.

Really cool moment = Equinox had an event where they hired local artists to do portraits of people attending their event. An artist named Reineir Gamboa did an illustration of me and it gave me goosebumps when I saw it. Yay art. 

Really entertaining evening = hanging with the Island Company crew. These guys need a reality show, STAT. Drama, Tequila, brainstorming, dancing with the brick oven pizza dude. It’s always a highlight, and there’s never a dull moment.  

And finally…

My favorite part about swim week, and I think what lures me back, is the actual face to face, human interaction and connection you get to have. You can only get so much of your personality across in an email, message, or blog post. And it’s so amazing to just meet people, give hugs, and talk. Then talk some more, and some more, and have a good time.

It’s encouraging, and there are some amazing people in the swimwear/beachwear world who I just love hanging with, talking to, reconecting with, and consider friends.

Ok and all the free drinks weren’t too bad either. 

Miami, you were fun. All 48 hours of you.

And all you swimwear and beachwear/beach gear designers, you amaze me. Hope you get some time off after all the craziness. I know I was pooped after just 48 hours of it.

Will see if I see you again next year…chances are it’ll be a last minute decision

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