The Beach House


So, we are officially house hunting. And we officially had two of THE most perfect houses for us (actually within our price range and not too incredibly far from the beach) get offers the day after we looked at them. Or maybe it was hours. You live you learn. Anywho, this whole experience has me dreaming of The Beach House…and wondering if we’re just meant to rent and be nomads forever. 

Or, perhaps I’m meant to buy a little camper and redo it so that a little mobile square footage can be the beach house of my dreams. Then I can just cruise on up to any beach with my home. I actually really like the sound of that. 

Anywho, hope you enjoy the inspo…

Top to Bottom:

• Love this totally open, bright, and yet cozy garage-ish space. Bright velvet couch and pup included. 

• I think a stucco wall surrounded by flowers might be a new non negotiable. Especially wiht a little bench framed by it all. 

• That kind of rug speaks my love language. Is it a Kilim? Promise I don’t like it just for taking drinking coffee Instagram pics. Bright&  bold – hides pet and kiddo stains. (P.S. Does any else’s pup only puke on the area rugs in your home?)

• I think everyone and their mother has pinned this entryway pic. And rightfully so. That mirror, and the lighting fixtures. Yum.

Artwork from Blacklist Studio. This print says: “I promise that someday I’ll buy you a place where you can say, “Nice view” and I’ll agree while looking straight at you.” Swoon. All their prints are amazing. Check ‘em out here.  

• A white brick wall (I love that look)… with skateboard trucks turned into coat hangers. Brilliant. Apparently, they also make a great toilet paper holder too. Time to take up skateboarding.

and last but not least…

• I’m pretty sure if you’re having a bad day, you just go stare at this wall/corner/nook and things will improve. 

There you go. Wish us luck with the house hunting.

…Or camper search. 

*None of these photos are mine. All photos are from my Beach House and Fixin Up My Rental Pinterest boards.

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