My interpretation of Bella Hadid’s iconic massive beach hat pic, and my dream house situation. No clue what the waves are like out front, but who cares with a setup like that.  

It’s sad how little time and energy I’ve had to paint lately – I blame being super tired, uninspired, or having this weird fear that whatever I paint is going to look like crap. Which a few other paintings I’ve done lately turned out to resemble. Ok not crap, but just, you know…off. I showed my mom when she was visiting last week, and she said the best thing she could’ve possibly said, “Yeah, they’re not your best but you need to paint ones like that. It’s good for you. And really, you don’t need to share everything anyway, so don’t worry about it.” 

Moms know best. 

It’s so true. You need to mess up and take risks in order to grow. Which, I’m doing (and sometimes sharing. Sometimes not)… and well, if you look at these two compared to the first painting I posted on here. I’m a-growing’. So even though I’m my own worst critic, I’m loving this process. 

And getting over the fear of messing up is one of the more motivating things one can do. Or at least it’s helping me.

So, some final quick thoughts on this caption-turned into long post…

1: I really wonder how one goes about finding a beach hat like that.

2: As much as Iove people, a bungalow on the beach with no one around, and waves out the front door, is as idyllic of a situation that I can dream of these days. 

Prints are over at my little art shop:

..and seriously, I need to start my book. 

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