Golden hour goods

Ok, it feels weird posting about a product I made again, but then I saw these pics that I took in my scarves down in Mexico, and well…These things are special. If you own one, you know. I hope. Or maybe I’m incredibly biased.

Golden hour wrapped up in them just felt so darn luxurious. But simple and with minimal effort. Which is what beach style should be, right? Slap on a white tee. Boom. Set for the evening too.

Maybe one day I’ll get a pic that does these beauties justice. But I’ll keep on trying, and bringing them on any future travels.  In the meantime, if you have one I hope you’re loving it. And if you don’t there’s a few left – then I’m not certain if I’ll make anymore. Or we will see if any new paintings end up inspiring another one.

Goldfish Kiss modal with a touch of cashmere uber large, soft and versatile scarves that you can also wear as a coverup, over at

*Writing this in 30-degree weather and really missing this setup. And my tan. 

Wearing Ola Feroz Bikini. + Tidepool Love necklace + Too many different bracelets and anklets to link them all…and lots of salt and sand 🙂


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