Colorful Messy Sunshine for 2022

So, last year I made a calendar for 2021 using a bunch of my watercolors. It was fun, colorful, imperfect…and sold out a few times. The thing is, I don’t think I ever did a blog post on it. This is funny/ironic/makes me do a facepalm, because this blog is my happy place on the internet and in the social media world.

So, figured I’d let you all know and post about it on here first. Boom.

I made some 2022 calendars, and they are up in the shop. It’s a fun new group of my watercolors – some old, some new, but each page should bring some sunshine to wherever this calendar ends up.

On that note I’ll leave the technical stuff over on the shop details page so you can go scoop one up while you can.

Also, it was a bit of a leap of faith when I made these last year, so thanks so much for liking them so much that I got to do it all again this year. Wahooooo!

Enjoy, and…as I say in every art post it seems, yay art.

2022 Goldfish Kiss Calendars – A year of tropical inspired watercolors by Rebekah Steen – available at Goldfishkissgoods. com



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