A few sunny days down in Mexico

We snuck down to Mexico for a few days, and whenever I get back I’m reminded of how travel is one of the things you spend money on but end up getting richer. Or something like that. Sorry, I don’t feel like looking up the exact verbiage at the moment.

We stock up on frequent flier miles, rarely eat out, are pretty low maintenance when it comes to our needs when traveling. (Just need the beach, waves, a pool for Levi…ok, and Mexican food and beer). It somehow works.

So, here are a few pics. I brought my nice camera and ended up just using my iPhone 99.7 percent of the time. Ha.

We are loving the Riviera Nayarit area. Fun waves, super chill, great sunsets, and…lots of coconut trees. I could say so much more, but sometimes it’s fun to just look at pics and let your imagination roam. Or go to kayak, google flights, or Scott’s Cheap Flights or whatever travel site floats your boat, and start investigating the next trip.

Cheers to salty and sandy memories. Love getting away with my travel buddies and being able to see sunshine and coconut trees.

*Surfing was fun too. Somewhere there’s drone footage of me having a huge wipeout.

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  • Hi Rebekah, I love your musings about your love for the beach, water, sand, coconut trees, beautiful blue skies, nature and a laid back way of life…….the pictures are awesome and make me miss my home in the Bahamas, which unfortunately I haven’t been to in a few YEARS, due to circumstances way beyond my control…….
    Anyhow, I am a big fan and love to see what you are up too……your sense of style, love it, free spirited like myself, ha, I am just a little more mature free spirit……lol
    …and I LOVE that sweet child of yours….it just melts my heart when I hear him laugh…..
    You are just a beautiful family and blessed…….keep keeping us entertained…….

    P.s. where did you get your black pearl necklace, if you don’t mind me asking…..I really like it……

    • Thank you so much for this, Pat! Loved reading your thoughts and it feels good knowing there are other people who had to leave the beach life due to circumstances out of their control. I hope you can get back to the Bahamas soon – I’ve never been, and it looks like a treasure of hidden gems. I will keep the beachy posts and posts in general coming for you, so glad you like them and Tanks again! Oh yes the pearl necklace is from Tidepool Love jewelry – She just launched a collection with Tahitian pearls paired with colorful beads and they’re so beautiful: https://tidepoolhawaii.com/collections/necklaces