One Of Those Walks


I don’t know why, but the days when I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to the beach, but don’t give up, am determined, and get there for a few minutes before the sun sets…tend to be some of the more blissful beach outings. 

Maybe it’s because I have zero plans or expectations, and am just grateful to be there. Maybe I appreciate the lighting a little bit more. Or, maybe the full day of anticipation makes me breathe deeper once I get there.

Whatever it is, it happened again today.

It was kind of a hot (for February) and foggy day with the sun peeking out every now and then. Which equals some amazing sunset conditions – aka the light was perfectly filtered, it was warm, and the air was super salty. 

The best part though was this: Levi was just chilling in the sand, building stuff, then he looked up at me and said, “mama I want to go beach walk.” This, is music to my ears, so we got up, and after I took a few steps, he said, “Mama hold my hand,” then grabbed my hand, and completely melted into my arm as we walked along the shoreline and watched the waves. 

After a few minutes, he asked me to hold him, and well, my day was made. He even pointed out to where I surf and said, “Mama surf there,” which was a proud mom moment for me. (Although the past two times I’ve surfed it was more like I took a beating than rode anything.)

As much as I’m making a conscious effort to be on my phone as little as possible, sometimes I just have to snap a few pics. Which I did. (The iphone camera is just so good and quick and easy.) Although, I felt a little guilty while snapping these, I totally love them. And who knows how long he will be this darn sweet. He changes by the day sometimes. It’s crazy.

Plus, it always reminds me that, even if you don’t think there’s enough time, and it’ll only be for a few minutes, just get your butt down to the beach. And cherish it. 

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And in case anyone’s wondering: My Sweater = Rails + Levi’s Shirt = Kana’i Kai (It’s a GREAT kids tee line from Hawaii. Check ‘em out.) 

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