The Chair Ladder Workout


Here you go. I got creative with a chair. Well, kind of. It’s just a quick, no frills ladder (aka work from 10 reps down to 1) workout that gets your whole body moving, and is quite a little energy booster. 

So grab a chair, and do the following, with no breaks. 

Note: It’s a lot of reps, so remember to do everything in a steady controlled movement. 

• 10 Chair Push Ups ( Do incline: hands on chair, or decline, hand on floor with legs up on chair)

• 10 Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats (on each leg) – Your back leg is up on the chair and your front leg does the bending. (Here’s a gif of me doing it)


• 10 Tricep Dips (Hands on chair. Go low and slow)

• 10 Glute Bridges (Shoulders on the chair and squeeze your bum at the top.)

• Now do 9 of each

• …then 8 of each

• …then 7 of each

• …then 6 of each

• …then 5 of each

• …then 4 of each

• …then 3 of each

• …then 2 of each

• …then, end with one looooong slow rep of each.


High five. You should feel rather energized and good. And your body shall love your for moving it. 

Feel free to get creative and add some weights, grab a medicine ball, or use some bands. Just turn on some good tunes and enjoy moving your body. 

And finding a new use for a chair.

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