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I just woke up, and turned on the Today Show (my weekday morning addiction). After seeing Al Roker decked out in snow gear, and the Blizzard that’s hitting the East Coast, (and realizing other places in the world are pretty freakling cold right now too), I figured it’s time for a bunch of Moorea feet pics. Because feet pics are so easy to imagine you were sitting there too. 

Sending some warm and sunny, humid, tropical love to you all. 

Although doing a snow angel and having a snow day right now sounds pretty freaking fantastic too.

Top to bottom: 

A post surf swim-dive in Haapiti // The best beer I had on the trip (wearing this bikini) // Swim stop while moped-ing around the island at Temae beach // White sand + Happy Feet // Hanging out on this little wooden platform in the we walked out to, and watching the fish.

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