Let’s face it. We all want to be inspired. And we all want to know how the heck to get that butterflies in my brain, I am going to carpe this diem, feeling. Almost every Q&A I’ve read, there is always this question: “what inspires you?” My answer, I am realizing, isn’t a “what” but a “how”.

Inspiration comes in soooo many different ways and forms. It’s not always palm trees on a beach or something you found on pinterest. It’s stuff you have to actually take that extra step and actually do. So, here’s a few ways that get my head spinning, keep my moleskin full, and help me get out of bed only needing one cup of coffee to seize the day that day.

In fact, I went to bed last night totally pumped to wake up and write this.

So here we go…

• Break up the monotony.

Monotony and routine, for me, are an inspiration leech. It sucks it out of me. I know some bit of routine is good for you, but I try to mix things up whenever possible. I remember one of my professors back in college telling me about an extremely successful Creative Director, who never took the same route home from work each day. He said the new sights, new signs, and new perspective kept his mind excited and on the lookout for inspiration. And that stuck with me.

Little things you can do that can make your days different, open up your eyes, and can get you going. Go to a different coffee shop (or try a new drink at your usual shop), bike to work, bike anywhere, eat your lunch outside, go for a walk at lunch, dance around your living room completely out of the blue, switch up your workouts, watch an old black and white famous movie, workout somewhere new, walk instead of drive if you can, eat a different breakfast…or, drive a different route home from work. You get the point.

Break it up. Find something, even if it’s the littles of little things, to do differently.


Before you roll your eyes and say you cant afford it. Know I am not about to say the only way to be inspired by traveling is to go to Tahiti. Nope. Travel, in any form, near of far, is probably what inspires me the most.

Just hopping in a car and driving for a few hours somewhere new or somewhere outside of the city, for some open space and solitude, does wonders, (and I mean wonders) for the right side of the brain. Or on the flip side, going into the city for sights, sounds and craziness is always going to keep you on your toes too. It doesn’t have to be exotic and expensive. Staycations, day trips, heck…even going to the book store and reading travel books has helped me.

And yes, if you can save up for a rad trip. I am a firm believer that Travel is one of the only things you can buy that makes you richer. It opens up your eyes to the rest of the world, gives you new perspectives, sights, smells, sounds, foods, people, hikes, amazingness…and is ohh so addicting.

So go explore. Go on an adventure. Get inspired.


When was the last time you went to a Museum? The Theatre? An Art show? A concert? Want to be inspired? Immerse yourself in the arts and stuff that was made and produced out of sheer inspiration.

When I studied abroad, we were required to go to an art museum at least twice a week. Sometimes more. I think I did like 54 paintings that semester. Maybe more. I threw a bunch of them out. Moral of the story. There was no shortage for inspiration.

Immerse yourself, in person, (not on your phone) in something that inspires you.

• You got to Unplug. 

How are you starting your day? It’s checking emails and social media right? Me too. I am trying to break the habit, and the more I do, the more inspired I feel.

I read an article on how email is killing inspiration and creativity. Back in the day, painters would wake up, grab a coffee and paint or sketch all morning, because that is the most productive time of day. If someone needed something, they sent a letter or called. And they’d answer it later.

Sounds heavenly right? So what do we do, or attempt to do? Set aside one hour for emails and checking social media a day. Or you could do a mid morning sesh and an evening sesh. Just be sure to leave a big hunk of your day to get stuff done, be productive, be creative, break a sweat, interact with people, be present…and be inspired.

Boom. (insert fist pump emoji here)

There you go. I am sure I left out a few, but I tried to keep it short for you all, so you can go, get out, and do something different and inspiring today.

Hope this helps. 

I’m off to grab some coffee. Maybe I’ll try a different roast or something. Who knows what ideas that could stir up…



Have any more tips, please share ‘em in the comments below. I love this kind of stuff.

About the photo: My husband took this photo of me (I didn’t know he took the pic) while I was taking some sunset pics. Inspiration up close and far away. Swoon. 

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