Mowi Hats. Wowie.

If anyone is looking for an incredibly rad, unique, and handmade hat, let me get you a liiiitle more familiar with the radness known as Mowi hats.

The designer, Mariane is based in Nayarit, Mexico (a place I simply adore) and I stumbled on her creations while just zoning out and scrolling one day, and instantly fell in love. Then ordered a hat a few months later.

Here is it – A Burned hat with my initials, a colorful band and feather, and of course a l’il palm tree. It’s my happy hat. And I think I might be needing to add a straw one to my lineup sometime soon – there’s this straw boater that is woven to look like there is a blue wave going across it. It’s incredible.

The hats are all handmade by artisans in Mexico or Ecuador, and no two are completely alike given the different handmade touches, finishes, and shapes. The hats she shares keep on getting radder and radder each week. Yeah, I pretty much check out to see what’s new every other day. It’s a true obsession.

Maybe she’ll branch out and make beanies sometime soon to help me get through the winter? Dream baby dream.

Anyways, this brand is just so…badass, and doing such gorgeous things, I had to share. // @mowi_hats



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